Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
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Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp
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Moon Piano Luna 8/11/15 String Lyre Harp

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This little moon lyre was designed by Ms. Annabelle from Canada, named luna. Its image is simple and generous, whether it is used as an indoor decoration or for hand-held performance, it can add a lot of spirituality to the picture. I saw a lot of photos in the buyer's show, and the imagination was extremely rich, which I never thought of. In my opinion, it is not only beautiful and attractive, but also a real instrument. Each of its strings is very balanced and can play very beautiful and fantasy music.

1. Specifications and String System

Overall size: 8 strings (13*13*2.2 inches); 11 strings (18*18*2.2 inches); 15 strings (20*20*2.2 inches)

There are three types of Crescent Qin on sale: 8 strings/11 strings/15 strings. They are made of the same material, the only difference is the number of strings and the size. They are both made of two 18mm thick plywood, so they are both 36mm thick, plus the height of the tuners is about 20mm, so their total thickness is about 56mm. This kind of crescent-shaped musical instrument is not suitable for solid wood, because the two crescent cusps are not supported, and if solid wood is used blindly, it will cause serious quality problems.

In order to make the piano sound more delicate, we have used relatively thin steel strings on this piano. Under normal circumstances, the strings will not be broken. If the strings are broken, or the strings need to be changed, you can change the strings according to the steps shown. Remember to turn the tuner up for a few weeks first, so that it reaches a certain reserved height, so as to avoid the situation of sliding teeth due to the fact that the string nails are not in the end.

How to Install the Strings

Step 1: Rotate the tuning knob to a reserved height, about 4 turns of 6mm
Step 2: Thread the new string through the bottom hole
Step 3: Pass the new string through the tuner hole
Step 4: Tighten the string upwards and bend it at the reserved 6cm length
Step 5: Pull the string back, the bend reaches the tuner, and hold it with your hand to prevent it from slipping
Step 6: Hold the strings with the other hand to prevent the strings from running
Step 7: Turn the tuners counterclockwise so that the strings wrap around the tuners in an orderly downward direction
Step 8: You can let go after the strings are tensioned
Step 9, flip the excess string head back and forth to break it at the hole

2. Tuning and Transposition

Factory scale (as shown in the figure below)

Like almost all stringed instruments, our moon qin is also tuned by adjusting the tension of the strings with the knob. We can use the mobile app to tune the sound. I recommend compass-style tuning software, such as "insTuners" for Apple phones, and "Instrument Tuner" for Android phones.

Both apps are compass tuners. On the compass, clockwise is the direction in which the pitch rises, and counterclockwise is the direction in which the pitch decreases. The letters displayed at the top of the screen are the sound names of the sounds captured by the software. The number in the subscript of the sound name is the progression of the sound name, and the larger the number, the higher the pitch. Through these two conditions, we can judge the pitch. For example, the lowest note (longest string) of Little Moon in G key is Ds. Through plucking and referring to the tuner, it is found that the sound it emits at this time is B4, so it can be concluded that its sound is low, and we need to rotate the knob Tighten the strings a little to get the pitch up. If it sounds Fs, it's too high and we need to loosen the string by turning the knob to lower it. In the process of rotation, it is best to refer to the direction of the pointer of the tuner while strumming, so that you can see the tuning process very intuitively!


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